Hydrogen production from ammonia

Hydrogen production from ammonia has been studied. Ammonia’s temperature and pressure, catalysts and their supports define as hydrogen yield so reaction rate and consequently ammonia-cracker dimensions and its cost as well. Ruthenium is the best catalyst for ammonia decomposition at 400 °C. As for Nickel, it is the base catalyst for ammonia decomposition at 600 °C. Obviously, the lower reaction temperature the higher longitude and the higher cost of the device. Carbon nano-tubes are very effective as a support for Ruthenium-based catalysts. Although the decomposition rate is lower for Nickel than Ruthenium at a given temperature, the higher loading of Nickel is permissible because it has lower cost. Nickel also allows for the using of nano-sized particles, which have shown the decomposition rates comparable to Ruthenium catalyst. The development of catalysts and reaction promoters is important for cracker design optimization that in turn influence on performance of hydrogen generation. Catalyst and ammonia-gas preheating optimization is a feature influencing on longitude of a hydrogen generation system.

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